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How to clean and maintain the weight detector?

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2019-11-13

In order to use the weight detector normally and permanently, we need to do a good job in its cleaning and maintenance at ordinary times, so how can we clean and maintain the weight detector? Next, the small edition of Quartet packaging will explain to you from four aspects.

1. Clean the scale of the weight detector. After cutting off the power supply, we need to wet and wring the gauze and dip it with a little neutral detergent to clean the display filter, scale pan and other parts of the scale body of the weight detector.

2. Level the weight detector. It is mainly to check whether the weighing body of the weight detector is normal. If there is any inclination, it is necessary to adjust the weighing foot in advance to make the weighing platform in the middle position.

3. Clean the printer of the weight detector. Cut off the power supply and open the plastic door on the right side of the scale to pull the printer out of the scale, then press and hold the spring sheet at the front of the printer and gently wipe the print head with the special print head cleaning pen attached to the scale. After the detergent on the print head evaporates, install the print head back again, and then conduct power on test to ensure that the printing is clear.

4. Initialize the weight detector
Since the weight detector has the functions of start-up reset and zero point tracking, if a little weight is displayed during use, it needs to be reset in time to avoid affecting normal use.


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