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How to maintain the quantitative packing scale

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2019-11-13

Quantitative packaging scale has become one of the essential packaging equipment for many production-oriented enterprises. If there is a failure, it will affect the production efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, in addition to the correct operation of the packaging scale, the user should also do a good job in the maintenance of the quantitative packaging scale, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the quantitative packaging scale. Some users may not know how to correctly maintain and maintain the quantitative packaging scale. Now, the small edition of the quantitative packaging scale will give you a detailed introduction. I hope you can see something.

In the daily work of the quantitative packing scale, it is necessary to check the screws of each part of the packing machine regularly, so as to avoid the phenomenon of looseness without self-knowledge and affecting the production. Attention should also be paid to the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and rat proof of electrical parts. The electric control cabinet and wiring terminal shall be kept clean to prevent electrical failure. Regularly add oil to the gear mesh of the packing machine, the oil filling hole of the bearing with seat and the moving parts for lubrication. Special attention shall be paid not to drop the oil on the drive belt when filling the lubricating oil, so as to prevent slipping, loss of rotation or aging damage of the belt.


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