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Introduction to automatic packaging linearity

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2019-12-27

The full-automatic sealing and cutting shrink packaging machine is mainly used in the mass production and packaging of pharmaceutical, food, beverage, stationery, printing, cosmetics, gifts, electronic products, toys and other products. It has high working efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching, automatic film sealing and cutting. It only needs to manually adjust the guide film system and manually adjust the feeding and conveying platform, which is suitable for products of different width and height

Sealing and cutting part:

1. Adopt thermostatic aluminum alloy sealing knife with high temperature resistance, which will not break the wire, ensure no coking, smoke and pollution

2. Automatic output and adjustable delivery time of finished packaging conveyor belt

3. The whole set of action is automatically completed by the cylinder, greatly reducing the work intensity and increasing the production efficiency

4. Automatic protection of cutter belt can effectively prevent the package from being cut by mistake and ensure the safety of the operator

5. The whole machine is unmanned, can be directly connected with the production line, and the packaging is more automatic


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