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Main problems and solutions of assembly line

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2019-12-27

In the process of pipeline, there are usually three kinds of related conflicts, which make the pipeline break.

1. Resource related

Resource dependence refers to the conflict between multiple instructions competing for the same function in the same machine clock cycle after entering the pipeline. Suppose an instruction pipeline consists of five segments. As can be seen from the following table, at clock 4, I1 and I4 instructions compete for memory resources.

Resource related conflict occurs when two instructions access memory at the same time

Solutions to resource related conflicts:

The first is to pause the I4 instruction for one beat and then start it; the second is to add a memory to put the instruction and data in two memories respectively.

2. Data related

In a program, if you have to wait for the previous instruction to execute before you can execute the next instruction, then these two instructions are data related.

In pipelined computers, the processing of instructions is overlapping. Before the last instruction is finished, the second and third instructions begin to work one after another. Due to the overlapping processing of multiple instructions, when the operands required by the subsequent instructions are exactly the operation results of the previous instruction, data related conflicts occur. As shown in the following table, there is a data related conflict between the add instruction and the sub instruction.


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