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Solve the problem of granule packing machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2020-06-28

Particle packaging machine in the packaging powder material effect and material variety compatibility of the two requirements of most of the equipment is not satisfactory. So, how to solve the problem of granule packaging machine?
First of all, powder product particles are very small, in the packaging process is very easy to produce powder "backlash" phenomenon. The phenomenon of "backlash" will lead to lax sealing of packaging and, to a certain extent, pollution of the working environment. Because the vertical packaging machine is a vertical blanking machine, the blanking port is far away from the bottom of the packaging bag, and the bag-making process is carried out at the same time of packaging. During the blanking process, the material slides into the bag with the packaging material as the "slide". If the powder is raised, it will contaminate the seal, so that the seal cannot be sealed. As a result, the quality of products is often affected.
The horizontal automatic packaging machine adopts the filling method of making bags first and then feeding, and the feeding port can go directly into the bottom of the packaging bag, so as to avoid dust raising. If the powder particles are very fine and easy to be raised, a backsuction device can be installed at the top seal to absorb a little powder adsorbed at the bag mouth. In addition, the horizontal automatic packaging machine USES five horizontal sealing reinforcement sealing.


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