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Maintenance of bagging machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2020-07-13

1) Strictly grasp the mixture ratio of culture materials, and avoid the material containing coarse stone grains and wood blocks. The use of raw materials should be screened if possible, to avoid mildew caking raw materials and blocks, bars, wire and other items mixed, resulting in traffic jam, stuck and other faults.
2) It is strictly prohibited to increase the mixing barrel of blanking material to overload operation. When feeding, do not put your hand into the mixing drum, and pay attention to tools, etc. do not get involved, so as to avoid danger.
3) It is strictly prohibited to overhaul the machine when the motor or power is switched on to avoid electric shock or injury accidents.
4) During work and production, lubricating oil should be added to the main and auxiliary shaft and wrist protector at regular intervals, and oil should be added to other mechanical parts at regular intervals.
5) Carefully check whether mechanical fasteners and other parts are fastened, normal and in standby state before starting the machine every day.
6) After the completion of the work, the bagging machine shall be turned on at the positioning state, the main power shall be cut off, the internal and external culture materials of the equipment shall be cleaned, and the electric control door shall be locked.


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