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Operation rules of bagging machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2020-07-13

1) Open the electronic control door of the equipment, press the "Power entrance" label, import the power line, and connect it to the wiring port of the 380V three-phase power.
2) Carefully check whether the positioning needle of the large rotary table is in the positioning state, and then check whether the transmission triangle belt of the motor is removed.
3) Switch on the power and set the gear, press the "Bagging start" button to carefully confirm whether the motor is turning in the correct direction. If it is turning in the opposite direction, the main power should be turned off and any two of the three-phase line at the power input end can be adjusted relative to each other.
4) Then install the motor drive triangle belt and carefully check whether there are foreign bodies on the large turntable and whether the mechanical parts are normal.
5) After ensuring normal operation, press the "bagging start" button to start the machine and let the equipment run for 3-5min without load. After confirming normal mechanical transmission operation and no other abnormal noise, bagging can be carried out for production.


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