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Advantages of big bag packing machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2020-08-06

1. Large bag packaging machine packaging beautiful, the use of prefabricated bags packaging products, beautiful appearance, bright colors, conducive to product sales.
2. The bag type vacuum packaging machine with good vacuum effect selects prefabricated bag type packaging, and the vacuum effect of packaged products can reach 70%, and compared with the stretch film and vertical vacuum packaging machine, it is not easy to expand the air leakage bag.
3. The bag type vacuum packaging machine with simple operation selects the machine controllable interface. Each machine is equipped with a touch screen. After setting the packaging parameters, the one button operation is simple, which is conducive to the control of production personnel.
4. When the safety alarm device encounters abnormal pressure or other abnormal conditions in the production process, it will actively alarm and prompt the production personnel to stop checking and handling.
5. Active detection function: when the equipment grabs the prefabricated packaging bag, if there is empty bag or unqualified bag in the packaging bag, the feeding and heat sealing will be stopped, and the packaging bag can be reused to reduce the loss of packaging materials.
6. The automatic production and high-power bag packer adopts the mechatronics control. The active bag feeding, active metering, blanking, heat sealing and vacuum output are all at the end of a production line, which saves the labor cost and improves the production capacity of the enterprise.


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