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Packaging machine industry

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2020-09-02

The packaging machinery industry is mainly exposed in the following aspects: because of the differences in the life experience of enterprises (state-owned, group, private), capital, equipment, skills and strength, there are also differences in starting point. The overall trend is that the high starting point is less, most enterprises are wandering in low-level equipment. There are many manufacturers in a region, with high repeatability, high value competition and weak profit
Recently, some export enterprises have found that some business opportunities in overseas shopping malls tend to rush into each other, making some products kill each other in order to compete for customers. It is not only unprofitable, but also dumping. Some people in the footnotes industry have not changed their ideas. It may be that China's poverty in the past hundred years has caused a kind of product, even if the product is simple and crude, as long as it is cheap, It's just a matter of putting together and using it. If we take part in the competition of international shopping malls with this kind of mentality, we will eventually take our products as the object of anti-dumping inspection overseas. At that time, the loss was not just one enterprise but all industries
Therefore, the packaging machinery industry should take the brand strategy now. The enterprises that insist on quality first should have the foundation of creating famous brand, add the innovation in competition, the use of high and new technology and the exploration of frontier technology, Famous enterprises and well-known products will be gradually selected out. For example, beer and beverage filling production line, corrugated board production line, instant noodle production line, cup filling machine, wide film laminating machine, barrel blow molding machine of more than 200 liters, BOPP bottle blowing machine, chocolate equipment, homogenizer and so on, but those with high popularity and large sales volume have shown a significant collective trend, Well - known enterprises, well - known brands are gradually created


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