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Characteristics of Electronic Quantitative

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2020-11-04

The feeding system can be divided into winch feeding, belt feeding, DC feeding, plunger feeding, screw feeding, vibration feeding and so on, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Among them, the DC feeding mechanism is simple and fast, but it will make the weighing accuracy closely related to the material level and the uniformity and balance of material flow.

Because the packaging of agricultural fertilizer belongs to the packing of heavy materials, in order to give consideration to both efficiency and accuracy, our feeding system adopts direct current feeding mode, and in order to meet the actual needs of fast-quick weighing in production line, double-scale structure is adopted in weighing structure. 

The whole dynamic weighing system of electronic quantitative packaging scale is firstly conveyed by belt to the hopper of DC feeding device, and then supplied by DC feeding device.

In the dynamic weighing process, the material flow directly determines the impact force of the material symmetrical weighing system. When the material discharge is large, the weighing speed is fast, but the weighing accuracy will be difficult to maintain. On the contrary, when the material flow is small, the weighing accuracy can be improved, but the weighing efficiency is very low.


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