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The work of particle packing machine?

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2020-12-08

Granule packing machine is often need to use the equipment in production activities, it is mainly used for quantitative packaging of all kinds of granular materials, such as: seed, monosodium glutamate, candy, medicine, grain fertilizer and so on, according to its automation level, can be divided into two kinds of semi-automatic and fully automatic, semi-automatic just as its name implies is the need for artificial prop bag (or bottles) and quantitative blanking equipment complete, combined with the sealing equipment complete sealing, automatic by automation technology to automatically finish bag making, weighing, filling, code and so on.
Whether it is semi-automatic or fully automatic particle packaging machine, the basic principle of the difference is not big, usually particle packaging machine can be divided into: measuring cup type, mechanical scale and electronic scale, according to the way of feeding divided into: self-flow vibrator type and digital motor type. The mode that often USES among them is vibrate type blanking + electronic scale measure.


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