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Function of packaging machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2021-01-07

Multi function packaging machine can complete two or more than two packing machine.A multi-functional packaging machine, comprising a frame, turret, transmission components, database, open the bag, bag parts blanking parts, accessories supply device, pat bag heat sealing parts and sealing device, cooling device, conveying device, gas supply control and water supply control part, electrical equipment group, in step in the vertical turret rotating in the middle of the frame is provided with a clamp turret turret is arranged below the opening and closing device, transmission parts, transmission parts of the motor reducer and gear and a cam and I bevel gear shaft, cam shaft connecting I solid shaft turret by indexing mechanism, I axis at the same time through a pair of bevel gears and bevel gear and a cam shaft is connected to the II, the II axis of the cam through the connecting rod and the turret of the hollow shaft, hollow shaft through the control unit and its clamp switching device connected with the II axis At the same time, a pair of bevel gear is connected with the III shaft; the complex material can be packaged, and the auxiliary material is added to meet the requirements of the packaging.


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