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Development progress of pellet packing machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2021-02-21

The development progress of pellet packing machine in recent years

With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, China's pellet packaging machine manufacturing industry has experienced the introduction and digestion and absorption stage, and gradually embarked on the period of structural adjustment, product quality upgrade and improvement of innovation ability. With the development of the industry, China's packaging machinery standardization has established a relatively perfect packaging machinery standardization system after more than 30 years of development from scratch.
An important link in the development of industrial production, such as all kinds of food, medicine, product packaging. In recent years, the development level of packaging machinery in China is constantly improving, there are still high energy consumption, limited application scope, simple structure and other problems.
The actual development of packaging machinery technology started late, but in recent years by the promotion of various technologies to accelerate the development of packaging machinery, the development has begun to take shape, but there are still low technical content and poor general effect and other problems. At present, the reasonable application of flexible control technology can meet the requirements of automatic control and improve the service quality of machinery. The new era of packaging operations is multiple

Granule packing machine has solved the problem of automatic quantitative, although many manufacturers have not adopted advanced digital electrical discharge way, still under the vibrator, but finally solved the particles automatic weighing and quantitative packing machine, sealing cannot be automatically, however, makes a lot of users are not satisfied, although the automatic packaging machine can solve this problem, but the price is expensive.
On the basis of the original attention, the development path of particle packaging machine will go further and further. Unqualified packaging products are often eliminated by the market, there is no competitive advantage in the market. Our particle packaging machine to recognize this point, more and more attention to the integration of innovation and science and technology, more can realize the importance of its development
In the market demand under the particle packaging machine is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, electronics industry, hardware industry, building materials and other industries. Especially in the food industry is a prominent performance, occupying nearly 80 percent of the market share. And the food industry is certainly a strong economy in the world, because you know you can't live without food. It is such a development environment, to the development of packaging machinery has brought a broad platform. Under the use of high and new technology, particle packaging machine can effectively ensure the storage period of goods, and its unique performance advantage makes it play a pivotal role in various industries. And its high degree of modern packaging is other equipment can not reach. The integrated particle packing machine which can realize automatic feeding, quantitative filling and sealing is very popular among users.


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