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Particle packing machine failure

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2021-05-27

Particle packing machine failure
With the emergence of automatic pellet packing machine, not only improve the work efficiency of enterprises, but also reduce labor costs. In order to be able to better work, the following Xiaobian to give you popular science about the common faults and solutions of automatic particle packing machine.
1. Color calibration position fault: the reason is that there may be a big fault in the cutting bag direction during the operation of the automatic particle packing machine, and the space between the color standard and the color standard is too large, leading to poor contact of the color calibration position, and out of control of photoelectric tracking compensation. Processing method: first adjust the orientation of the photoelectric switch from scratch, if not, then clean it, the packaging material will be stabbed into the guide cardboard, adjust the orientation of the guide cardboard, so that the light point and color symbols coincide.
2. The paper feeding motor does not rotate or rotate out of control: the reason is that in the process of operation, the starting capacitor is damaged, the paper feeding motor may be stuck, or the motor may be damaged and roll uncontrolled. Treatment method: first check whether the control lever is stuck, whether the capacitor is damaged, and whether the fuse is defective, and then according to the inspection results to see whether to replace.
Pellet packing machine


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