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Faults and solutions of particle packing machine

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Some faults and common solutions of particle packing machine
Now, enterprise labor costs is becoming more and more expensive, some heavy and repetitive work needs to be packed in packaging machine to replace manual, automatic granular packaging machine is designed for the quantitative packaging powder materials, a device that can house from the bag, quantitative filling to sealing and so on a series of operations, from beginning to end haven't automatic granular packaging machine, The need for tedious labor to be responsible for some chores, and now a fully automatic particle packaging machine can solve this complex and tedious manual steps, the final result is to improve the work efficiency, reduce production costs. In order to complete the work, Zhongyi packaging to you under the popular science of automatic particle packaging machine several common faults and solutions.
01 Fault 1: The color calibration bit is faulty
Fault description: When the automatic particle packing machine is in operation, the bag cutting position may have a large deviation, the gap between the color code and the color code is too large, the color calibration position is not in good contact and the photoelectric tracking compensation is out of control.
Solution: In this case, you can reposition the photoelectric switch first. If not, clean the molding machine, insert the packing material into the guide board, and adjust the position of the guide board so that the spot coincides with the color mark.
Fault 2: Paper feeding motor does not rotate or spin out of control
Fault description: During the operation of automatic pellet packing machine, if the starting capacitor is damaged, the paper feeding motor may get stuck, or the motor is damaged by uncontrolled rotation. These are some common glitches.
Solution: First check whether the feed lever is stuck, whether the starting capacitor is damaged and whether the fuse is faulty, and then replace according to the inspection results.
Failure 3: loose seal
Fault description: Automatic particle packing machine is not sealed or sealing is not strict. This will not only waste materials, but also because the materials are powder, easy to disperse and pollute the automatic particle packaging machine equipment and the working environment.
Solution: Check whether the packaging container complies with the relevant regulations, take out the inferior packaging container and no longer use, and then try to adjust the sealing pressure and increase the heat sealing temperature. That would solve the problem.
04 Shortcomings four: do not pull the bag
Fault description: automatic packing machine does not pull bag, pull bag motor chain off. The reason for this failure is nothing more than a wiring problem. Bag switch is damaged, controller is faulty, stepper motor driver is faulty.
Solution: Check whether the bag-making machine proximity switch, controller and stepper motor are damaged, and replace the damaged parts.
05 Disadvantage 5: Tear open the bag
Fault description: The packing container is often torn by the automatic packing machine during the operation of the automatic packing machine.
Solution: Check the motor circuit and observe whether the switch is damaged.
The above are several common faults and solutions of automatic particle packing machine. In practice, of course, there are many more possible failures. When we encounter a device fault, we must first calm down, locate the fault, and then check whether the related module is damaged, in order to greatly improve the efficiency of troubleshooting.


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