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Granule packing machine maintenance

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2021-08-16

Granule packing machine maintenance
1. The booty, sundries and other items on the machine should be cleaned before the machine is started.
2. When changing different materials, clean and disinfect the parts that touch the materials first, so that the machine can work stably
3. Check whether the screws are loose. If they are loose, tighten them with the corresponding tools.
4. Check whether lubricating oil is added to the moving parts that should be lubricated, horizontal sealing and longitudinal sealing as stipulated by the equipment, and check whether the reducer is short of oil. If yes, please add the corresponding lubricating oil.
5. Switch on the power supply, running switch and photoelectric inductor switch to check whether the indicator light is on. If not, check or replace the fuse.
6. Check whether the temperature control display is normal. When the set value is greater than the actual temperature, the indicator is green, and when the temperature reaches the set value, the indicator is red.
7. Switch on the running switch to check whether the equipment has abnormal sound. If there is, it should be shut down in time.
8. Please inform the maintenance personnel in time if the operator can not solve the fault in the above inspection.
After understanding the above 8 points, the maintenance of the process of particle packing machine is basically no problem. But under the premise of maintenance and maintenance, it is particularly important to choose the vertical particle packaging machine manufacturer. It is important to choose the automatic packaging machine manufacturer with rich industry experience and superior after-sales service, so as to really reduce the cost and improve production efficiency.


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