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Feeding mechanism of pellet packing machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2021-10-13

Now with the continuous development of social economy, many pharmaceutical industry will choose the same in the particle packaging machine and powder packaging machine. Many people can not tell the particle packaging machine and powder packaging machine respectively. In fact, their structure is basically the same
Structure is the same, in order to enable users to better choose the right machine and equipment, the following to tell you about their differences.
The difference between the powder packaging machine particle packaging machine is the feeding mechanism, the feeding mechanism of the particle packaging machine is controlled by the volumetric measuring cup, how much will be directly adjusted by adjusting the expansion of the measuring cup to achieve the purpose of adjustment, that is, mechanical adjustment; Automatic powder packing machine
The feeding mechanism is controlled by stepping motor drive screw feeding, through the screen program to control the drive servo, feeding the number of screen control module pulse number to control the number of feeding, the greater the number of motor rotation, the greater the weight of powder filling,
The smaller it is.

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