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How to solve leakage of powder packaging machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2022-01-11

1, the enterprise's products have a fixed type, so when customizing powder packaging machine, manufacturers will produce according to the products of the enterprise so that the powder packaging machine can adapt to various products of the enterprise. That is to say, before the product is made, it has been set up which products can be packed, so when the enterprise changes the material of the product after it is likely to leak, clip powder and so on - some of the faults. At this time in fact, as long as we contact the manufacturer and explain the materials used now so that the manufacturer can improve or replace the screw rod of the powder packaging machine to solve the problem.
2, if there is no change with the product leakage phenomenon, you can check whether you use too much gas in the process of packaging. Generally, in the process of packaging powder packaging machine, the amount of 4 gas used is a standard as long as it is not too much, you can properly adjust the size of the gas if the material leaks.
3. Check whether the internal parts of the powder packaging machine are damaged or aging. A single problem of the parts of the equipment is likely to fail constantly, especially the problems of the key small parts may even make the powder packaging machine unable to work, so the daily inspection and maintenance of a Be sure to do a good job so that not only can reduce the occurrence of leakage phenomenon can also effectively prevent the occurrence of other faults.

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