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Advantages of packaging production line

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2022-02-17

It is composed of low carbon steel and power coating, so it is durable and makes cleaning easy; High precision is achieved through patented load cell technology, and new products can be easily cleaned and replaced without pollution through submarine rear hatch cover.
The air supply system can achieve high productivity while maintaining good accuracy. General and industrial components enable the machine to have an ultra long life cycle. Just like the manufacturing method of machinery, the manufacturing meets Australian standards or above.
Pneumatic and electrical control equipment are installed in positive pressure enclosure to ensure dust-free environment. It is made of structural steel, with small size and high strength. The additional second stage filling handwheel is used to adjust the slow flow of products. It is an industrial high-strength anti-wear butterfly valve specially designed for abrasive products. The variable height is suitable for your package size and product series.
The core of the full-automatic powder packaging machine for 25kg paper bag is the PLC controller interface, which is easy to operate. Your operator will be at the tip of their fingers. Don't worry about security, because you can add password protected operator access level, and the flexible modular packaging system can be connected with all filling systems and weighing scales. Therefore, the same control panel can operate all filling machines and scales.

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