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Solutions to the faults of packaging scale

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2022-03-21

Sometimes, if the error difference is the same, most error values will be different, and with the extension of production time, the error value will become larger and larger. At present, the verification regulation of quantitative packaging of China's Bureau of technical supervision stipulates that negative difference is not allowed for quantitative packaging, and the error value is within 50g. If there is a problem of zero shake, it must be repaired in time to avoid being investigated and dealt with by the Bureau of technical supervision.
then how to deal with the zero shake of the packaging scale? First of all, check the faults and what causes them. In order to reduce the cost, many quantitative packaging scale manufacturers use a very cheap and simple appearance. This appearance is mostly three no products, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. After a period of time, it will appear unstable. In this way, they can only replace the appearance or reduce the speed and accuracy of weighing to reduce the phenomenon of zero drift.
to reduce the weighing accuracy, the parameter of "filter coefficient" can be adjusted first. Most appearances will have corresponding adjustment instructions. After finding this parameter, try to increase the filter coefficient. If the problem cannot be solved, a larger division value is needed to solve the problem. Generally, this problem can be solved by raising the division value. But this conditioning will certainly reduce the measurement accuracy.

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