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Importance of maintenance packaging scale

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2022-03-21

The height of soft connection shall not exceed 5cm. Similar problems have been ignored in many projects, resulting in unstable measurement accuracy. After strengthening the channel, the measurement accuracy returns to normal. However, in terms of technology, in order to ensure the stability of measurement, there are also requirements for the stability of incoming materials. The uniformity and stability of incoming materials is the premise to ensure the measurement accuracy, which is the same as that of household appliances to ensure the stability of operation and voltage.
therefore, in the normal production process, it is necessary to ensure that there are certain materials in the buffer bin, conditionally install low material level interlocking, stop packaging after reaching the low material level and wait for incoming materials, otherwise the packaging accuracy will be affected. Such problems also appear frequently in many projects, which should be paid more attention to in the premix packaging section.
active quantitative packaging scale is applied to active quantitative packaging in industrial and agricultural production. The whole weighing process is controlled by computer and completed actively. With fast weighing speed; It has the characteristics of high weighing accuracy, labor saving, people saving, simple operation and convenient protection. In today's industrialization process, many large factories have ordered the quantitative packaging scale of Zhongyu technology. Its function and proficiency directly affect the economic benefits of products.
in this setting, it is very urgent and necessary for the factory to master the necessary debugging knowledge. Now the packing scale completely replaces manual packing and operates continuously for 24 hours. Due to long-term operation, some hardware problems will be caused, so we specify a maintenance plan for the packing scale.

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