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Powder packaging machine assembly line

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2022-04-24

Powder packaging machine is also called powder packaging machine or powder packaging scale, which is mostly used in food, chemical industry, fertilizer and other industries. It is equipped with screw elevator, packaging device and belt conveyor to complete the semi-automatic packaging process through metering or filling transportation and manual auxiliary bag clamping and sealing
The performance characteristics of powder packaging machine include:
1. Twin screw is equipped with two groups of electromagnetic clutch brakes and slow two-stage feeding, so as to accurately feed.
2. Sensors, suspension devices and core control parts are used
3. The number and quantity of packages can be counted automatically
4. The measurement speed is very fast, the accuracy is also very high, and the performance is stable
Powder packing machine is suitable for non sticky powder materials. It can also be equipped with dust suction device or weight sorting machine. It can also be connected with mixer and automatic packing equipment, as well as automatic batching equipment to form a batching and packaging production line.

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