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Quantitative packaging scale

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2022-11-09

1. There is no bag clamping or material discharging, which is usually the problem of bag clamping switch, bag discharging switch, solenoid valve or cylinder controlling bag clamping.
2. The failure to open or close the large and small cut-off doors and the weighing bucket is usually a problem in controlling the solenoid valve or the cylinder.
3. After weighing the materials, it is not allowed to automatically open the material discharging and bag loosening. If you press the manual discharging button, it is also not allowed. Generally, there is a problem with the solenoid valve or cylinder that controls the material. After replacing the spare parts, it will return to normal. If it is feasible to press the manual feeding button, it means that the weighing exceeds the tolerance or the system parameter is set incorrectly.
4. The leakage at the mouth of the weighing bucket or bag clamping mouth is usually caused by the poor sealing of the weighing body, insufficient air pressure, solenoid valve or cylinder.
5. The measurement is inaccurate and the instrument display is unstable. It may be that the instrument zero drift (calibration with standard weight) or parameter setting needs to be corrected again, or the load sensor fails (replace the sensor and take the weight nominal).
6. When the system cannot discharge materials normally, set the selection switch to manual, and then press the discharge button for more than 3s, then the corresponding packing scale can return to normal after initialization.

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