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Automatic quantitative packaging machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2022-11-09

In the actual application process, the environmental conditions under which the automatic quantitative packaging machine needs to operate, including interference, humidity, vibration, space and other factors, are different. Therefore, the location where the weighing frame needs to be installed needs to achieve sufficient stiffness. If the stiffness is not enough, it should be reinforced.
Secondly, the screws of the automatic quantitative packaging machine may become loose during transportation, so the firm screws should be noted during installation and debugging. Don't forget to install the load cell, also firm the screws, and adjust the position of the sensor to achieve uniform force.
If the equipment is installed on the belt rack, keep them in a horizontal position to ensure that the belt rack is evenly stressed and the screws are tightened. Then connect the signal wires of the weighing and speed measuring sensors, but do not install them in a strong current environment. Moreover, take protective measures for the wire joints to prevent short circuit or broken wire and other faults.
On this basis, the automatic quantitative packaging machine should also be subject to a series of follow-up processing, such as peeling and calibration. At the same time, the training of operators should be strengthened to enable them to master the operation and regulation of the equipment skillfully, so that they can always maintain a good working state.

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