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Packing Scale debugging methods are there?

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2016-06-08

Start automatic electronic packaging quantitative scale, wait until it enters operational status, packing scale two-speed feeding device starts the fast and slow feed levels, when the feeding amount reaches the set value of the feed fast, quick feed end, into the slow feed; when the material feed weight to finally set feed value, the feed end of the process, the feed motor stops or feeding door is closed, the weighing process is complete;
In this case the bag set in the bag is automatically clip, program control, weighing hopper discharge doors automatically open the material flow into the bag, after the bag has been completed automatically release the clip device, automatically fall into the bag on the conveyor and it is conveyed to the automatic welding or automatic sewing contractor position. Put another artificial bags, dual-speed feeding, automatic weighing, automatic cutting cycle performed.
Electronic packing scale quantitative measurement by the automatic weighing system, pocket sewing machine with automatic transmission, pneumatic and electrical control systems and dust and other components. Wherein the weighing speed and measurement accuracy are key components affecting automatic weighing equipment unit, which includes an auxiliary hopper, stripper-door, two-speed feeding device, the sensor assembly, body scales, bagging equipment, electrical bracket and the other instruments the control device. Auxiliary silo-type buffer silo for the material to form a uniform material flow, dual-speed feeding device is mainly composed of fast and slow two feeding mechanism, whose fast and slow feed of material flow can be individually adjusted in order to achieve quantitative electronic packing scale measurement accuracy requirements and packaging speed requirements; scale body and the weight of the load cell assembly for complete conversion to electrical signals and transmitted to the control unit; electrical control device consists of weighing instruments - display controller , electrical components, control cabinet, the role of the control system work, so that the whole system at a pre-set program, orderly work.

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