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Manganese chloride

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2016-06-08

The scale is designed for feed, fertilizer, powder, PE powder illiquid flour materials Packing using auger feeder material into the buffer silo via a pneumatic valve, the material through to the frequency control feed screw to the bag. By controlling the screw speed control feeding amount, once the bag is filled, said that by controlling the system folder bag opening, bag through the conveyor belt away from artificial help seal.
main feature:
◆ independent input package weight, weighing the weight display window display window display with high brightness LED
◆ menu is simple, intuitive operation
◆ artificial assist bag (or bucket) Pneumatic bag folder; independent weighing system weighing, weighing and high precision, fast
◆ asynchronous motor control screw feeders, inverter, high control accuracy
◆ has an adjustable peeled, making real functions, data encryption, time display functions
◆ double helix frequency feeding methods, can be fast in slow speed to feed, to ensure accuracy
◆ The scales rugged, small footprint, easy to clean and maintain
◆ Optional Active return gas dust removal device, the net absorption of dust, effectively maintain the site clean environment
◆ Weighing range: 5-10 10-25 25-50 (kg / bag)
◆ quantitative error: ± 0.2% FS
◆ Packing speed: 220-260 (bags / hr) (depending on the material properties, pocket-sized dimensions, pocket size)
Working conditions:
◆ Power: 380 / 220V, 50HZ (adjustable)
◆ Power: 1.85 + 1.3KW
◆ Air: 0.4-0.6MPA
◆ temperature: -20-40 ℃
◆ Humidity: <95% (no condensation)


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