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The transformation of China's quality power

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2016-06-08

According to the analysis of the China's packaging machine industry, China has become the world's second largest packaging country, but this just in the number of an advantage to realize from the packaging to the packaging power shift, or need and rely on independent innovation in packaging technology and equipment manufacturing technology.
China's packaging industry as China's manufacturing industry production line at the end of the production process, the rapid economic development in today's also ushered in the rapid development of. Packaging industry as a late start of the development of the industry, compared with foreign countries there are still a lot of problems, but with the huge market demand for packaging, it can be concluded that the packaging industry still has a broad space for development. So in the development of technology, the industry must realize independent innovation, get rid of the excessive dependence on foreign technology, realize the real development.
Compared with developed countries, China packaging machinery industry in supporting the small number, lack of high precision and large-scale production of the product, cannot satisfy market demand; product quality gap in product performance, stability and reliability of the difference, the appearance of beautiful, the impact of the overall product quality; domestic packaging machinery industry, the lack of leading enterprises, production scale is large, high grade of products of small enterprises; basically stay in the test stage of imitation, self development ability is weak, lack of test base of scientific research and production.
Behind the means that there is a greater progress space. In accordance with the packaging machinery industry is now the development trend, China has entered a period of readjustment, is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technological upgrading, an important moment in the upgrading of products, domestic enterprises need through independent innovation, the depth of the digestion to pragmatic attitude of enterprise development and enhance competitive force, in order to become the packaging machinery industry giant.
China's packaging machine industry as soon as possible to change the dominated by low technology content, learn from foreign advanced technology, development and production of high efficiency and low energy consumption, production and sales of marketable for complete sets of large equipment and high technology products. According to the national conditions to develop suitable packaging equipment, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, to further develop the domestic international market. Packaging machinery industry in our country is going to follow the guidance of national policy, adhere to the bold innovation, innovation and seize the initiative, grasp the market opportunity and technological opportunity, continue to improve the level of innovation, to truly become the main body of technological innovation.
At present, the development of the world's most advanced packaging machinery have shown a set machine, electricity, gas, liquid, optical, magnetic, as one of the momentum, the production of high efficiency, energy-saving products can recycling, high technology, intelligent, and has become a trend, this should also is the mainstream of the development direction of packaging machinery industry in our country.
Clear the direction of development, and how to do it?
First, foster the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, to create industry renowned brands. Packaging machinery industry to foster the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry as the top priority, to strengthen the development of key technologies, breakthroughs in key products in the field of weak links, to seize the commanding point of the industry development in the future, keep sustainable development and bigger and stronger to create the necessary conditions.
Secondly, to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development is the inherent requirement of changing the mode of economic development. At present, the export volume of domestic packaging machinery is still very small, last year and $13.5 billion deficit that quite part is by simple processing and rely on cheap labor efficiency of low-end industries, need to go down the road is still very long. Product profit level is very low, coupled with rising prices, the relative shortage of energy, environmental protection requirements of multiple pressures, the original comparative advantage of the product is gradually weakened, while the comparative disadvantage has become increasingly prominent.
Finally, strengthening the research of industrial generic technology is the strong guarantee to improve the innovative ability of packaging machinery industry in china. At present, the research on the common technology of packaging machinery industry in our country lags behind, it has not formed the scale, and the lack of the system and the continuity, the effect is very limited, it is urgent to strengthen.

Packaging machinery industry, the market survey analysis report showed that domestic packaging machinery enterprise to want to have new development, we must actively introduce talents, increase research funding at the same time to the production of marketable products. At present, the rapid development of the domestic packaging machinery mainly rely on domestic huge market demand, if domestic packaging machinery companies want to more long-term development, it must be based on the present, to solve the problem of current technological backwardness, lack of funds.

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