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Powder Packing Machine Features

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2016-07-08

1. Powder packing machine adopts the most advanced microcomputer chip control, with photoelectric eye tracking and detection, accurate sealing and cutting inside two bags, coders and folders equipped with optional air or inflatable device. This machine is suitable for all kinds of powder, such as lotus root starch, sesame paste, soy milk powder, powder automatic packaging materials.
    2. The machine adopts microcomputer controlled by a sensor signal processing and computer settings slightly, to complete the whole the synchronization, bags long, positioning, automatic detection of the cursor, automatic fault diagnosis and display screen. Function: Set the system with metering material, filling, sealing, inflatable, play yards, feeding, limited downtime, set-cut package and a series of sub-actions are done automatically.
    3. For powder products automatic bag machine. General machine can automatically measuring, filling, sealing and cutting all the work. When the multi-volume measurement method, some models are also equipped with the reliable photoelectric detection system, using a printed mark optoelectronic packaging material achieves complete logo.
    4. powder packaging machine for medicine, food, chemicals, pesticides and other aspects of pouch packaging. Powder suitable for the production of drugs, sugar, coffee, Guozhen, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, seed, desiccant and other production items are powder manufacturers, for easy flow or poor mobility of powder and granular materials automatic measuring, bag-filling , sealing, sewing kits, transmission, etc., accuracy, reliability, not easy to wear.


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