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Particle packing machine

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2019-07-05

At present, the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, as long as the production of medicine, generally have a few powder granules. Domestic production of packaging machine brands, from the function, configuration, the various aspects of comparison, the difference is relatively large, choose suitable for the enterprise product particles, powder packing machine is the key to production output and packaging quality.
At present, the domestic packaging machine from sealing to points, can be divided into splint and roller type. From production to points, can be divided into single machine and multi machine. From the way of walking, can be divided into vertical and horizontal machine. At present, the main form of sachet: three side sealing, four side sealing, back sealing.
The following characteristics of the various models are described:
Vertical single column packing machine: intermittent sealing, volumetric measurement, filling material, plywood sealing, smaller models, simple operation, shorter service life. Manufacturers are different, brand, configuration is different, the price is different, the current domestic prices in the range of.
Compared to the single row roller type packing machine with splint, sealing, packaging, the appearance of beautiful, speed in 40 - 90 bags / (depending on the different material and size of the package and decide), the price of domestic between 2 - 6 million yuan ranging, different configurations, brand manufacturers different prices differ greatly. Compared to this kind of packaging machine and the clamping plate machine, asking the operator to have a certain capacity, to after-sales service and maintenance requirements are also relatively high.
Multi column packing machine: through the previous national pharmaceutical machinery exhibition, domestic production of multi packaging machine manufacturers more and more, grade of products also vary larger price from 10 million to 50 million, is the main difference between the price is from the configuration of the different, the appearance of different, the materials used in the different, if you want to choose to buy multi machine, it is recommended to buy good quality machine, although the first invested several million yuan, but the stable operation of the follow-up is guaranteed.
How to choose a suitable packaging machine so pharmaceutical companies own?
Single output is larger, and the main products of the company granules or powder pharmaceutical packaging machine, multi choice. At present the domestic aluminum alloy exterior columns packing machine, the electrical configuration of all the imported components, performance in the domestic industry leading, exhibited in Suzhou the 32nd national medicine opportunity of Chengdu three Industrial Co., Ltd. SK900 packing machine, really different, equipped with automatic correction, change membrane organization, fine workmanship, can achieve the import packing machine, the quality and performance requirements.
More varieties, each species do not yield, pharma companies can consider buying a single vertical packaging machine, such as domestic bridge and can meet the requirements.
In the initial stage of the new variety is not enough money or force pharmaceutical packaging machine can consider buying splint. Both multi column packing machine or separate packing machine, as long as it is the mature models and techniques, from error view to meet the basic requirements, but in view of the packing speed, to wrap 5g / bag of particles (bag 80mm long bag x width 60mm), for example, single row roller type vertical packaging machine, speed (60 - 90 bags per minute) between, vertical splint packaging machine (50 - 80 bags per minute) between, SK900 series packaging machine can reach 350-420 bags per minute.
Currently in the packaging machine to realize batch printing problems have been resolved, after repeated experiment pharmaceutical factory, ink wheel code printer ribbon type is better than, of course, can also be hard pressed word to achieve one to two rows of batch number imprint.
Powder packaging has been more difficult to solve the problem. Pharmaceutical companies from the point of view, if we want to solve the difficult of the powder in the process of packaging material, sealing lax, material clamping phenomenon, the recommendations can choose single horizontal packaging machine, the advantages of this kind of type is first bag material, blanking the servo motor driven screw feeding, able to powder material drop down, head directly into the bag, put finish material, then ascension back to in situ, generally in 200 - 400 mesh between powder small package can consider the use of such models, such as domestic wheat production machinery Jie SK11 series packaging machine. For large production of powder packing can be considered packaging machine with multiple columns, it is understood that the current domestic multi powder packaging machine has applied maturely has three, seven powder packing machine, the structure is reasonable, each column with a separate servo system, PLC control, work is fine, is at present domestic four sides sealing columns powder packing machine of classical models.


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