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Benefits and functions of quantitative packaging

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2019-08-07

1. "Precision, stable quality and fast speed"--Become the first choice of quantitative packaging for users

2. Material: 304 stainless steel is used in the contact parts with materials, which has high corrosion resistance.

3. Widely serve feed, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, grain, seed, chemical industry and other industries.

4. Applicable Materials: Particulate Material, Powder Material, Mixture Material.

5. Special designed feeding and bucket metering, bagging and unloading at the same time, does not affect the metering of cutting materials. It saves one third of the working time, packs quickly and has high packing precision.

6. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high accuracy and strong reliability, and can meet the packaging requirements of different specifications.

7. Functions of automatic metering filling, weighing feedback, automatic error correction, overshoot alarm, counting, keyboard setting and correction.

8. Wide quantitative range, high accuracy, with a table can be lifted conveyor sewing machine, a multi-purpose machine, high efficiency.


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