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How to Maintain Quantitative Packaging Weighing

Source:[seo:selfurl]Release time:2019-09-09

In part, the automatic quantitative packaging scale is lubricated regularly.
During the use of automatic quantitative packaging scale, good lubrication care is one of the essential conditions to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, we should do a good job of lubrication imitation according to the specific requirements. First, we should regularly add oil lubrication to the meshing parts of gears, bearing oil injection holes and moving parts. Second, we should ensure that the speed reducer is fully lubricated while it is running. When adding lubricant, we should pay attention not to dripping on the transmission belt.
The second part, after using the automatic quantitative packaging scale, it should be cleaned in time.
Every time after using the automatic quantitative packaging scale, we should form a good habit of cleaning up in time. That is to say, after each work, we should clean the work site in time, and carefully clean the weighing part of the equipment to ensure its weighing accuracy. If there are scattered materials, they should be cleaned up in time to ensure the cleanliness of all parts of the equipment, so as to prolong the service life.
Three parts, the maintenance requirements of automatic quantitative packaging scale should be noticed if it is not used temporarily or before use.
We should pay attention to the inspection work, especially the automatic quantitative packaging weighing equipment.


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