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Granule packing machine is often need to use the equipment in production activities, it is mainly used for quantitative packaging of all kinds of granular materials, such as: seed,...

In order to keep up with the demand of consumers, many domestic packaging equipment manufacturers will always maintain a high degree of innovation. Because the market competition i...

1. Is the important and necessary consideration of quantitative packaging scale the same when purchasing products?
In a strict sense, and from a professional point of view, t...

The feeding system can be divided into winch feeding, belt feeding, DC feeding, plunger feeding, screw feeding, vibration feeding and so on, all of which have advantages and ...

1. For some heat sealers, they should be cleaned regularly to ensure the texture of sealing. 2. Photoelectric tracking light emitting head is generally called electric eye. In orde...

The electromagnet does not pull in, which is mostly caused by the internal failure of the main engine, the burnout of the electromagnet coil, and the line interruption. The solutio...

The packaging machinery industry is mainly exposed in the following aspects: because of the differences in the life experience of enterprises (state-owned, group, private), capital...

1. Large bag packaging machine packaging beautiful, the use of prefabricated bags packaging products, beautiful appearance, bright colors, conducive to product sales.
2. The ...

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